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Aside from publications in the scientific literature, the work conducted in the lab has also received attention from more mainstream media outlets, here’s a selection of the original articles.

Endeavors magazine on Pranav Khandewal’s field study of flying lizards

DEEP LOOK a new ultra-HD (4K) short video series created by KQED San Francisco / PBS Digital Studios featured Hedrick lab animations in their video on hummingbirds

Another Science News article by Nsikan Akpan

Science News article by Nsikan Akpan

Raleigh News and Observer article by Jay Price

Wired article by Nick Stockton

Raleigh News and Observer article by Hannah Miller

Nature News article by Ed Yong

NPR Science Friday’s video blog

Canadian Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet

The Washington Post

Discovery Channel News



Scientific American

CBC News

In 2009 a podcast for the journal Science featured Dr. Hedrick explaining his flapping counter-torque model. Coincidentally, while lab tech Brad worked in a science museum, he also talked about the FCT model for a Museum of Science podcast. The original article can be found here.